Dr. Susan-Marie Price


Classical Studies

Dr. Price is a Vancouver native and an alumna of UBC and of University College, University of London, UK. She is a field archaeologist with excavation experience in BC and Israel but has mainly focused on working in Greece. Dr. Price has worked for many seasons at such Greek sites as Ancient Kommos (Crete), Ancient Mytilene (Lesbos), Ancient Stymphalos (Northern Peleoponnese) and Ancient Sikyon (Northern Peleoponnese), doing everything from geophysical work, excavation and field supervision to training both English and Greek speaking archaeology students.

Here at Corpus Christi, Dr. Price teaches Classical Studies, including Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization and Classical Mythology.

  • PhD in Classical Archaeology (University College, Institute of Archaeology, University of London, UK; 1997)
  • MA in Classical Archaeology (University College, University of London, UK; 1987)
  • BA in Classical Studies and Anthropology (University of British Columbia; 1984)

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Current Research Projects:
Ancient Stymphalos

Description: Excavation results from work undertaken at Stymphalos in Arcadia, Greece. Currently working on the lower, urban area with the purpose of publishing the 1st c BCE / 1st c CE housing which looks to have been destroyed by an earthquake. This area is especially interesting because it is considered a 'backward' area of ancient Greece, however, it is clear from the archaeological remains that this area of Arcadia was actively interacting with the rest of the Greek / Roman world.

Demeter Sanctuaries in Greece

Description: Examination of the physical remains of Demeter sanctuaries, how to identify sites archaeologically, the functions and importance of the sites per area. Currently planning work with Hector Williams to start the publication of the excavation results of the Demeter sanctuary on the arcopolis of Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece.

Sikyon and Arcadia, Excavations at Ancient Sikyon

Description: Looking at the region of Arcadia -- the relationships among the various small and large poleis in the area, e.g. Corinth, Silkyon, Phlius, Alea, etc, expanding upon the work done at Stymphalos in an attempt to understand the place this polis held in Arcadia.

Anamurium archival project

Description: electronic archiving of excavation materials, including field notebooks, photographs, catalogued special finds, maps, plans, coins, seasonal reports and studies, from the Canadian archaeological examination of Ancient Anamur, Turkey. The goal is to make all the original excavation documents available online for study and comparanda.