Dr. Ghassem Zarbi

My Philosophy of teaching:I believe that education is the key for people open their ways. If one tries to be the best he/she can be, education will provide equal opportunities to achieve dreams.Throughout my career managing groups, managing projects, and teaching various courses have provided me the opportunities to make differences in many individual lives. I have been blessed by the power of education and feel to share with others what I have attained. I am a person who greatly enjoys interacting with students, and explaining scientific concepts. I have a reputation for being innovative, adaptable and hard-working. I have a great appreciation and sensitivity to cross-cultural issues, as I have successfully lived, studied and worked in very different cultures (England, Japan and North America). As a result, I am fluent in Japanese.Over the course of my career, I have held positions ranging from a Researcher to a Technical Adviser, to a Project Manager, to a General Manager, and Executive Manager. I hold a B.Sc. with recommendation from Westminster University of London (UK), a M.Sc. from City University of London (UK), an M.Phil. from Brunel West London University(UK), and a Ph.D. from Sophia University (a Catholic International school in Japan). I have published more than 20 Journals, and articles. At Corpus Christi College/ St. Mark’s College I have been teaching courses for business, Managerial Economics, Introduction to Quantitative Decision, and Mathematics.My past teaching experience (Physics, Math, Fluid and CAD) with both undergraduate and graduate students has helped me to give instruction to the co-op students who often needed mathematical concepts for their problem-solving in engineering applications. I am very advanced in computer and utilizing all different kinds of software as tools in problem solving, research, and data analysing and reports.

Sincerely yours,

Zarbi, Ph.D., P.Eng.