Vic Cavalli





Vic Cavalli brings expertise in both early-modern religious literature and in creative writing. His research on St. Robert Southwell, S.J., has been published in Recusant History, Faith & Reason, and Ushaw Magazine. His fiction, poetry, photography, and visual art has been published in various literary journals in North America, England, and Australia. His research areas include youth culture, anthropology of identity, Tribalism, Hip hop culture, emerging Canadian authors, and Literature and the Visual Arts.

  • M.A. (University of British Columbia)
  • B.A. (St. Thomas University)
Recent and Current Projects:

His debut novel entitled The Road to Vermilion Lake was published by Harvard Square Editions in 2017.

His second novel entitled Then Pure Silence is currently under consideration by numerous North American publishers.

His third novel entitled Steelhead is his current major project in progress.