Semesters » Fall 2005

Important dates


Registration ended Thursday September 15, 2005.
CLST 101Introduction to Greek CivilizationClass complete
COMM 150Introduction to JournalismClass complete
ECON 201Principles of MicroeconomicsClass complete
ENGL 100Introduction to University WritingClass complete
ENGL 201English Literary Tradition (1350-1750)Class complete
FINA 224Islamic Art and ArchitectureClass complete
HIST 105Pre-Confederation History of CanadaClass complete
MATH 100Finite MathematicsClass complete
PHIL 101Greek Philosophy from Pre-Socratics to AristotleClass complete
POLI 202Politics of ResourcesClass complete
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology IClass complete
RELG 101Introduction to the Old TestamentClass complete
RLED 500Curriculum & Instruction in Religious EducationClass complete