ANTH 102Introduction to Cultural Anthropology7
ASTR 210Exploring the Universe: The Solar System1
BIOL 112Unicellular Life7
BIOL 121Biology I8
BIOL 140Laboratory Investigations in Life Science7
BUSN 204Operations Management and Logistics3
BUSN 205Introduction to Management Information Systems3
BUSN 290Intro to Quantitative Decision Analysis10
BUSN 291Applications of Statistics in Business5
BUSN 292Organizational Behaviour11
BUSN 293Introductory Financial Accounting9
BUSN 294Managerial Accounting9
BUSN 295Managerial Economics9
BUSN 296Introduction to Marketing8
BUSN 298Introduction to Finance7
CLST 101Introduction to Greek Civilization9
CLST 102Introduction to Roman Civilization12
CLST 201Classical Mythology7
COMM 102Introduction to Communications4
COMM 205Introduction to Communication Strategies for non-Profits1