Semesters » Winter 2012

Important dates

Tuesday December 20, 2011
  • Waitlisting starts
Wednesday January 4, 2012
  • Classes start
Friday January 20, 2012
  • Early registration starts
  • Returning registration starts
  • Remaining registration starts
  • Late interest starts
  • Add/drop deadline
  • Tuition refund cutoff
  • Withdrawal deadline
Thursday April 5, 2012
  • Classes end


Registration ended Friday January 20, 2012.
BIOL 112Unicellular LifeClass complete
BIOL 140Laboratory Investigations in Life ScienceClass complete
BUSN 290Intro to Quantitative Decision AnalysisClass complete
BUSN 294Managerial AccountingClass complete
BUSN 295Managerial EconomicsClass complete
BUSN 298Introduction to FinanceClass complete
CLST 102Introduction to Roman CivilizationClass complete
CLST 201Classical MythologyClass complete
ECON 202Principles of MacroeconomicsClass complete
ENGL 110Academic Reading, Writing and ThinkingClass complete
ENGL 110-RSAcademic Reading, Writing and ThinkingClass complete
ENGL 120-AIntroduction to Literary GenresClass complete
ENGL 120-BIntroduction to Literary GenresClass complete
ENGL 120-CIntroduction to Literary GenresClass complete
ENGL 235World Literature in EnglishClass complete
ENGL 253Introduction to Arthurian LiteratureClass complete
FILM 210History of Cinema I (1895-1930)Class complete
FILM 283Introduction to the ScreenplayClass complete
FINA 224Islamic Art and ArchitectureClass complete
GEOG 103Introduction to Physical Geography: Landforms and VegetationClass complete
HIST 101Later Medieval EuropeClass complete
HIST 106Post-Confederation History of CanadaClass complete
HIST 204Islam from the Mongols to the Modern DayClass complete
MATH 110Differential Calculus IClass complete
MATH 111Differential Calculus IIClass complete
MATH 204Diff. Calc. for Business, Economics, Social SciencesClass complete
PHIL 104Critical ThinkingClass complete
PHIL 131Introduction to EthicsClass complete
POLI 101Challenges in Contemporary Canadian PoliticsClass complete
POLI 210Environmental PoliticsClass complete
PSYC 101-AIntroduction to Psychology IIClass complete
PSYC 101-BIntroduction to Psychology IIClass complete
PSYC 101-C-RSIntroduction to Psychology IIClass complete
RELG 240Explorations in CatholicismClass complete
SJPS 110Homelessness & Downtown EastsideClass complete
SPAN 102Elementary Spanish IIClass complete
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish IIClass complete