Semesters » Fall 2012

Important dates

Friday August 24, 2012
  • Waitlisting starts
Monday September 10, 2012
  • Classes start
Monday September 24, 2012
  • Early registration starts
  • Returning registration starts
  • Remaining registration starts
  • Late interest starts
  • Add/drop deadline
  • Tuition refund cutoff
  • Withdrawal deadline
Friday December 21, 2012
  • Classes end


Registration ended Monday September 24, 2012.
BIOL 121-OLEcology, Genetics and EvolutionClass complete
BUSN 292-OLOrganizational BehaviourClass complete
BUSN 293Introductory Financial AccountingClass complete
BUSN 295-OLManagerial EconomicsClass complete
CLST 101Introduction to Greek CivilizationClass complete
CMNS 102Introduction to CommunicationsClass complete
ECON 201Principles of MicroeconomicsClass complete
ENGL 110-AAcademic Reading, Writing and ThinkingClass complete
ENGL 110-BAcademic Reading, Writing and ThinkingClass complete
ENGL 110-CAcademic Reading, Writing and ThinkingClass complete
ENGL 110-DAcademic Reading, Writing and ThinkingClass complete
ENGL 231English Literature to 1750Class complete
ENGL 281Creative Writing IClass complete
GEOG 102Introduction to Physical Geography: Weather and ClimateClass complete
HIST 100Early Medieval EuropeClass complete
HIST 200Europe from Renaissance to French RevolutionClass complete
MATH 109Pre-CalculusClass complete
MATH 110Differential Calculus IClass complete
MATH 204Diff. Calc. for Business, Economics, Social SciencesClass complete
PHIL 103Introduction to PhilosophyClass complete
PHIL 217Philosophy of the Human PersonClass complete
PHYS 101Physics IClass complete
POLI 100Modern Western PoliticsClass complete
POLI 230Government & Politics of the U.S.Class complete
PSYC 100-AIntroduction to Psychology IClass complete
PSYC 100-BIntroduction to Psychology IClass complete
PSYC 100-C-RSIntroduction to Psychology IClass complete
PSYC 201Research Methods in PsychologyClass complete
RELG 207World ReligionsClass complete
RELG 212Gods, Kings & Wisemen: Near Eastern Myths & the Hebrew BibleClass complete
SJPS 110Homelessness & Downtown EastsideClass complete
SPAN 101Introduction to Spanish IClass complete
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish IClass complete