Semesters » Winter 2021

Important dates

Wednesday April 1, 2020
  • Waitlisting starts
Thursday October 1, 2020
  • Early registration starts
  • Returning registration starts
  • Remaining registration starts
Tuesday January 5, 2021
  • Classes start
Wednesday January 6, 2021
  • Late interest starts
Tuesday January 19, 2021
  • Add/drop deadline
Saturday January 30, 2021
  • Tuition refund cutoff
Friday March 12, 2021
  • Withdrawal deadline
Friday April 9, 2021
  • Classes end


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ANTH 102-VirtualIntroduction to Cultural Anthropology
BIOL 112-ONLINEUnicellular Life
BIOL 140-VirtualLaboratory Investigations in Life Science
BUSN 205-VirtualIntroduction to Management Information Systems
BUSN 290-VirtualIntro to Quantitative Decision Analysis
BUSN 292-1- VirtualOrganizational Behaviour
BUSN 292-2- VirtualOrganizational Behaviour
BUSN 294-VirtualManagerial Accounting
BUSN 295-VirtualManagerial Economics
BUSN 298-VirtualIntroduction to Finance
CLST 101-VirtualIntroduction to Greek Civilization
CPSC 121-VirtualMethods of Computation
CRIM 200-VirtualPsychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
CRWR 202-VirtualCreative Writing II
ECON 102-1- VirtualPrinciples of Macroeconomics
ECON 102-2- VirtualPrinciples of Macroeconomics
ENGL 099-VirtualIntroduction to Academic Writing Skills
ENGL 110-1- VirtualAcademic Reading, Writing and Thinking
ENGL 110-2- VirtualAcademic Reading, Writing and Thinking
ENGL 110-RS-STAAcademic Reading, Writing and ThinkingAll 30 seats available
ENGL 120-1- VirtualIntroduction to Literary Genres
ENGL 120-2- VirtualIntroduction to Literary Genres
ENGL 120-3- VirtualIntroduction to Literary Genres
ENGL 120-RS-NDIntroduction to Literary Genres
ENGL 231-VirtualEnglish Literature to 1750
FILM 100-VirtualIntro to Film and Media Studies
FILM 283-VirtualIntroduction to the Screenplay
FINA 225-ONLINEWestern Art and Architecture: 200-1600 CE
FREN 111-VirtualIntroductory French II
GEOG 103-VirtualIntroduction to Physical Geography: Landforms and Vegetation
HIST 101-VirtualLater Medieval Europe
HIST 106-VirtualPost-Confederation History of Canada
HIST 110-VirtualIndigenous Peoples in Colonial North America
MATH 099-VirtualPre-Calculus II
MATH 105-VirtualIntegral Calculus for Business, Economics and the Social Sciences
MATH 110-VirtualDifferential Calculus I
MATH 111-1- VirtualDifferential Calculus II
MATH 111-2- VirtualDifferential Calculus II
MATH 111-RS-NDDifferential Calculus II
PHIL 102-VirtualPhilosophy from Post-Aristotelic Period to Early Medieval
PHIL 131-VirtualIntroduction to Ethics
PHIL 217-VirtualPhilosophy of the Human Person
PHYS 100-PTS1Introductory Physics: Mechanics and Heat
PHYS 101-VirtualPhysics I
POLI 101-VirtualChallenges in Contemporary Canadian Politics
POLI 201-VirtualInternational Politics
PSYC 101-1- VirtualIntroduction to Psychology II
PSYC 101-2- VirtualIntroduction to Psychology II
PSYC 101-RS-NDIntroduction to Psychology II
PSYC 202-VirtualAnalysis of Behavioural Data
PSYC 205-VirtualPsychology of Child Development
RELG 102-VirtualIntroduction to the New Testament
RELG 200-VirtualModern Catholic Social Teaching
SOCI 101-VirtualIntroduction to Sociology: Power, Institutions and Social Change
SOCI 211-VirtualReligion and Society in Canada
SPAN 102-VirtualElementary Spanish II