CHEM 102Physical and Organic Chemistry2
CHIN 101Mandarin for Beginner I (Non-Heritage)5
CHIN 102Mandarin for Beginner II (Non-Heritage)3
CLST 101Introduction to Greek Civilization15
CLST 102Introduction to Roman Civilization16
CLST 201Classical Mythology13
CMNS 102Introduction to Communications8
CMNS 150Introduction to Journalism5
CMNS 200Business Communications4
CMNS 202Media Literacy and Democracy2
CMNS 205Introduction to Communication Strategies for non-Profits3
CMNS 210Digital Media Design, Development, and Usability8
CMNS 212Project Management in Digital Media5
CPSC 110Computation, programs and programming9
CPSC 121Methods of Computation8
CRIM 200Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour8
CRWR 201Creative Writing I5
CRWR 202Creative Writing II2
ECON 101Principles of Microeconomics37
ECON 102Principles of Macroeconomics34