HIST 106Post-Confederation History of Canada14
HIST 110Indigenous Peoples in Colonial North America1
HIST 111Indigenous Peoples in Late 19th and 20th Century North America2
HIST 200Europe from Renaissance to French Revolution12
HIST 201Europe from French Revolution to Present12
HIST 203Classical Islamic Civilization4
HIST 204Islam from the Mongols to the Modern Day2
HIST 210“Race” and Slavery in Colonial North America1
HIST 235History of Science1
JAPN 101Japanese for Beginners I1
JAPN 102Japanese for Beginners II1
KPU-ASKPU Access Studies2
KPU-AS 1KPU Access Studies1
LAST 100Introduction to Latin American History and Society1
LDR 100Leadership I11
LDR 101Leadership II11
LDR 200Leadership III2
LDR 201Leadership IV2
MATH 099Pre-Calculus15
MATH 104Differential Calculus for Business, Economics, Social Sciences24