MATH 110Differential Calculus I28
MATH 111Differential Calculus II23
MATH 200Differential Calculus for Engineering & Physical Sciences4
MATH 230Introduction to Finite Mathematics21
PHIL 101Greek Philosophy from Pre-Socratics to Aristotle7
PHIL 102Philosophy from Post-Aristotelic Period to Early Medieval7
PHIL 103Introduction to Philosophy21
PHIL 104Critical Thinking17
PHIL 131Introduction to Ethics6
PHIL 201History of Philosophy from Later Middle Ages to 16th Century4
PHIL 202History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant3
PHIL 203Philosophy of Religion15
PHIL 217Philosophy of the Human Person7
PHIL 218Philosophy and Consumer Culture2
PHIL 220Metaphysics1
PHYS 100Introductory Physics: Mechanics and Heat12
PHYS 101Physics I21
POLI 100Modern Western Politics13
POLI 101Challenges in Contemporary Canadian Politics7
POLI 201International Politics16