KPU-ASKPU Access Studies2
KPU-AS 1KPU Access Studies1
LAST 100Introduction to Latin America: A Land of Constant Conquest1
LDRLeadership 100*8
LDR IILeadership 101*8
MATH 099Pre-Calculus II11
MATH 104Diff. Calc. for Business, Economics, Social Sciences13
MATH 105Integral Calculus for Business, Economics and the Social Sciences8
MATH 110Differential Calculus I35
MATH 111Differential Calculus II28
MATH 200Differential Calculus for Engineering & Physical Sciences4
MATH 230Introduction to Finite Mathematics24
MUSC 110Music History Pre-17001
PHIL 101Greek Philosophy from Pre-Socratics to Aristotle7
PHIL 102Philosophy from Post-Aristotelic Period to Early Medieval6
PHIL 103Introduction to Philosophy24
PHIL 104Critical Thinking18
PHIL 131Introduction to Ethics7
PHIL 201History of Philosophy from Later Middle Ages to 16th Century4
PHIL 202History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant3