ENGL 231English Literature to 175012
ENGL 232English Literature 1750-19005
ENGL 233Canadian Literature3
ENGL 234American Literature1
ENGL 240Bard on the Beach: An Introduction to Shakespeare and Contemporary Performance3
ENGL 252Celtic Mythology2
ENGL 253Introduction to Arthurian Literature2
ENGL 290Literature and the Visual Arts2
FILM 100Intro to Film and Media Studies8
FILM 210History of Cinema I (1895-1930)7
FILM 220History of Cinema II (1930s to the Present)8
FILM 233Introduction to Film Productions1
FILM 283Introduction to the Screenplay5
FINA 102Introduction to Acting4
FINA 225Western Art and Architecture: 200-1600 CE2
GEOG 102Introduction to Physical Geography: Weather and Climate15
GEOG 103Introduction to Physical Geography: Landforms and Vegetation12
GEOL 105Introduction to Physical Geology3
GEOL 114Earth's Natural Disasters4
HIST 100Early Medieval Europe14