POLI 210Environmental Politics5
POLI 220Politics of the Arctic2
POLI 230Government & Politics of the U.S.6
POLI 240Foundations of Western Political Thought12
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology I47
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology II40
PSYC 201Research Methods in Psychology13
PSYC 202Analysis of Behavioural Data12
PSYC 205Psychology of Child Development5
RELG 101Introduction to the Old Testament6
RELG 102Introduction to the New Testament5
RELG 200Modern Catholic Social Teaching3
RELG 201Themes in Scripture8
RELG 202Early Christian Writings1
RELG 207World Religions19
RELG 209Major Shapers of the Christian Tradition (Ignatius of Loyola to Merton)1
RELG 212Gods, Kings & Wisemen: Near Eastern Myths & the Hebrew Bible3
RELG 225Christianity and Science: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives1
RELG 230Protestant History and Thought1
RELG 240Explorations in Catholicism13