RELG 202Early Christian Writings1
RELG 207World Religions20
RELG 208Rebels, Reformers, and Prophets: Christian Tradition from Augustine to Aquinas1
RELG 209Major Shapers of the Christian Tradition (Ignatius of Loyola to Merton)1
RELG 212Gods, Kings & Wisemen: Near Eastern Myths & the Hebrew Bible3
RELG 225Christianity and Science: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives1
RELG 230Protestant History and Thought1
RELG 240Explorations in Catholicism14
SJPS 111Social Justice and Peace Studies: An Introduction4
SJPS 228Human Rights Violations: Voices from the Margins5
SJPS 240Social Issues in Education6
SOCI 100Introduction to Sociology: The Human Person, Society and Power11
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology: Power, Institutions and Social Change10
SOCI 110Homelessness & Downtown Eastside6
SOCI 111Poverty and Addictions2
SOCI 203Social Issues Communication6
SOCI 211Religion and Society in Canada3
SOCI 240Social Issues in Education1
SPAN 101Introduction to Spanish I18
SPAN 102Elementary Spanish II15